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Seminar 08241
Transactional Memory : From Implementation to Application

Christof Fetzer (TU Dresden, D), Tim Harris (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, GB), Maurice Herlihy (Brown Univ. - Providence, USA), Nir Shavit (Tel Aviv University, IL)


Seminar Wide Materials
 Hardware Support for TM - Breakout Session Summary
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 Language Support for TM Breakout Session Summary
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Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai , Intel - Santa Clara
 C/C++ Language Extensions for Transactions
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Yehuda Afek , Tel Aviv University

Hagit Attiya , Technion - Haifa
 Sequential Analysis For Serializability and Beyond
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Annette Bieniusa , Universität Freiburg
 STM for a Distributed Java VM in Sensor Networks
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Dave Dice , Sun Microsystems Laboratories - Burlington

Lucia Draque Penso Rautenbach , Brown Univ. - Providence

Sandhya Dwarkadas , University of Rochester
 Flexible Decoupled Transactional Memory Support
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Faith Ellen , University of Toronto
 Obstruction-Free Algorithms can be Practically Wait-Free
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Alexandra Fedorova , Simon Fraser University - Burnaby

Pascal Felber , Université de Neuchâtel
 STM for speculative out-of-order event processing
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Christof Fetzer , TU Dresden

Daniel Grossman , University of Washington
 My programming-languages view of TM: Research and Conjectures
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Rachid Guerraoui , EPFL - Lausanne
 Transactional Memory Input Acceptance
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Tim Harris , Microsoft Research UK - Cambridge
 Pay-to-use strong atomicity
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Danny Hendler , Ben Gurion University
 CAR-STM: Scheduling-Based Collision Avoidance and Resolution for Software Transactional Memory
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Maurice Herlihy , Brown Univ. - Providence
 Are transactions concurrent enough?
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Lisa Higham , University of Calgary

Eshcar Hillel , Technion - Haifa
 Locality in Concurrent Data Structures
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Idit Keidar , Technion - Haifa

Guy Korland , Tel Aviv University

Christos Kozyrakis , Stanford University
 Challenges and Directions for TM Research
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Petr Kuznetsov , MPI für Software Systeme - Saarbrücken

Yossi Lev , Brown Univ. - Providence
 Preparing Debuggers for Transactional Programs
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Victor Luchangco , Sun Microsystems Laboratories - Burlington
 What do we really want from transactional memory?
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Maged Michael , IBM TJ Watson Research Center
 Profile of the Elusive TM Killer App
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Mark Moir , Sun Microsystems Laboratories - Burlington
 Towards Pragmatic Semantics for Transactional Memory
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J. Eliot B. Moss , Univ. of Massachusetts - Amherst
 Provably Correct Abstract Concurrency Control, And More
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Dan Nussbaum , Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Kunle Olukotun , Stanford University
 Pervasive Parallelism and Real Hardware Prototypes for TM
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Fatourou Panagiota , University of Ioannina

Ravi Rajwar , Intel Corp. - Hillsboro
 Putting the R back in ROI
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Torvald Riegel , TU Dresden

Rodrigo Rodrigues , MPI - SWS

William Scherer , Rice University

Marc Shapiro , INRIA & LIP6 - Paris

Nir Shavit , Tel Aviv University

Gad Sheaffer , Intel Israel

Asuman Suenbuel , SAP Research Labs - Palo Alto
 Concurrency in Enterprise Systems
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Osman Unsal , Barcelona Supercomputing Center

David A. Wood , Univ. Wisconsin - Madison
 TokenTM: Efficient Execution of Large Transactions with Hardware Transactional Memory
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Craig Zilles , Univ. of Illinois - Urbana
 Using Hardware Memory Protection to Build a High-Performance, Strongly-Atomic Hybrid TM
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