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Seminar 10042
Semantic Challenges in Sensor Networks

Karl Aberer (EPFL - Lausanne, CH), Avigdor Gal (Technion - Haifa, IL), Manfred Hauswirth (Nat. University of Ireland - Galway, IE), Kai-Uwe Sattler (TU Ilmenau, DE), Amit P. Sheth (Wright State University, US)


Seminar Wide Materials
 Dagstuhl Seminar: Semantic Challenges in Sensor Networks
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Alia Abdelmoty , Cardiff University
 Geospatial Semantics and Spatial Reasoning for Sensor Networks
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Karl Aberer , EPFL - Lausanne
 Swiss Experiment
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 Model-based sensor data management
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Oscar Corcho , Univ. Politec. de Madrid
 Enabling Ontology-based Access to Streaming Data Sources
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Ernesto Damiani , Università degli Studi di Milano - Crema
 Manage Uncertainty with Multimodal Representation of Events
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 Multimodality in Pervasive Environment
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David De Roure , University of Southampton
 SemsorGridForEnv Introduction
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Alvaro A. A. Fernandes , University of Manchester
 SNEE: A Sensor Network Query Processing Engine
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Avigdor Gal , Technion - Haifa
 Modelling Pull-Based Data Gathering with Execution Intervals
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Alasdair J G Gray , University of Manchester
 Distributed Query Processing over Streaming and Stored Data
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 SNEE In-WSN Query Processing Demonstration
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Dimitrios Gunopulos , Univ. of Athens

Manfred Hauswirth , National University of Ireland - Galway
 Virtual Presence + Real Presence = Semantic Presence
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 Telehealth Demo
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 Telehealth Demo (Video)
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Cory Henson , Wright State University - Dayton
 Sensor Data and Perception
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Vana Kalogeraki , Athens University of Economics and Business

Stamatis Karnouskos , SAP Research - Karlsruhe
 Sensing and collaboration in future enterprises
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Manolis Koubarakis , National and Capodistrian University of Athens
 Modeling and Querying Metadata in the Semantic Sensor Web: the Model stRDF and the Query Language stSPARQL
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  Modeling and Querying Metadata in the Semantic Sensor Web: the Model stRDF and the Query Language stSPARQL
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Srdjan Krco , Ericsson R&D Ireland

Werner Kuhn , Universität Münster
 On the Semantics of Observations
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Kostis Kyzirakos , National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Yong Liu , Univ. of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
 GeoS3Web, Cyber-Physical System and Environmental Observatories: Semantically-enhanced Virtual Sensor Web
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Sebastian Michel , MPI für Informatik - Saarbrücken

Paddy Nixon , University College - Dublin

Josiane Parreira , National University of Ireland - Galway

Tore Risch , Uppsala University

Kai-Uwe Sattler , TU Ilmenau
 Analysis of Sensor Data Streams with AnduIN
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Amit P. Sheth , Wright State University - Dayton
 Semantics enhanced Data, Social and Sensor Webs
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Ingo Simonis , Geospatial Research & Consulting - Oberursel
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Heiner Stuckenschmidt , Universität Mannheim
 Towards Expressive Stream Reasoning
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Demetris Zeinalipour , University of Cyprus
 Semantic Challenges in (Mobile) Sensor Networks
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