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Seminar 10201
Event Processing

K. Mani Chandy (CalTech - Pasadena, US), Opher Etzion (IBM - Haifa, IL), Rainer von Ammon (CITT GmbH - Regensburg, DE)


Seminar Wide Materials
 Event Processing Seminar - Call for sessions
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 Grand challenge example - from the database community (2)
Paper: pdf

 Issues in Integrating Stream and Event Processing
Slides: pdf

 opening session with participants details
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 Dagstuhl seminar on event processing - conclusion
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 Dagstuhl Work Group 1 (11.06.10)
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 Dagstuhl Work Group 1 (24.06.10)
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 Dagstuhl Work Group 1 (24.06.10)
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 Why Process Events
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 Why Process Events
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 Event processing seminar - agenda
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 Dagstuhl Work Group 1 (11.07.10)
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 Event processing manifesto - first version
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 Topic 1 - Event Processing Scope
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 Topic 2- Event Processing functions
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 Topic 3 - Event processing relations with other areas
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 Topic 4 - Event Processing Standards
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 Topic 5 - Event processing research grand challenge
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 Outing - Wednesday
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 Grand challenge example - from the database community
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Darko Anicic , FZI Karlsruhe

Stefan Appel , TU Darmstadt

Jean Bacon , University of Cambridge

Robert Berry , Aston University - Birmingham
 Section 1: Why Use Event Processing
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Pedro Bizarro , University of Coimbra

Andrey Brito , TU Dresden

Simon Brodt , LMU München
 Complex Actions - A Need for CEP
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François Bry , LMU München

Alejandro P. Buchmann , TU Darmstadt

Sharma Chakravarthy , University of Texas at Arlington
 Reconciliation of Consumption Modes and Windows for Seamless Event/Stream Processing
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Badrish Chandramouli , Microsoft Research - Redmond
 StreamInsight information and download link
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 Microsoft CEP Server and Online Behavioral Targeting
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K. Mani Chandy , CalTech - Pasadena

Christoph Emmersberger , Senacor Technologies AG - München

Opher Etzion , IBM - Haifa
 Event processing manifesto - first version
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Patrick Eugster , Purdue University

Dieter Gawlick , Oracle Corp. - Redwood Shores

Annika Hinze , University of Waikato

Martin Hirzel , IBM TJ Watson Research Center - Hawthorne
 A Universal Calculus for Stream Processing Languages
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 Streams Processing Language Specification
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Mark K. Horsburgh , Progress Software - Cambridge

Hans-Arno Jacobsen , University of Toronto
 Events and the Rest of the IT World
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Boris Koldehofe , Universität Stuttgart

Alexander Kozlenkov , Betfair Pty Ltd. - London
 From Event Patterns and Workflows to Reactive Agents
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Wolfgang May , Universität Göttingen

Daniel I. Meiron , CalTech - Pasadena

Ken Moody , University of Cambridge

Peter Niblett , IBM United Kingdom Ltd. - Winchester

Adrian Paschke , FU Berlin

Udo Pletat , IBM Deutschland - Böblingen

Olga Poppe , LMU München

Tore Risch , Uppsala University

Harald Schoening , Software AG - Darmstadt

W. Roy Schulte , Gartner Inc. - Madison

Bernhard Seeger , Universität Marburg

Marco Seirioe , RuleCore - Göteborg

Guy Sharon , IBM - Haifa

Plamen L. Simeonov , JSRC - Berlin
 Integral Biomathics: A New Era of Biological Computation
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Florian Springer , Senacor Technologies AG - München

Nenad Stojanovic , FZI Karlsruhe

John Sutcliffe-Braithwaite , University of Reading

Richard Tibbetts , Streambase Systems Inc. - Lexington

Ronen Vaisenberg , University of California - Irvine

Paul Vincent , Tibco Staffware Inc. - Nottingham
 Role of Rules and Stds in CEP v1 1.pdf
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Agnes Voisard , FhG - ISST Berlin

Christian Wolff , Universität Regensburg

Carlo Zaniolo , Univ. California - Los Angeles
 Searching for Complex Event Patterns in Linear Sequences and Nested Structures
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Holger Ziekow , HU Berlin

Rainer von Ammon , CITT GmbH - Regensburg