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Seminar 11381
Quantum Cryptanalysis

Serge Fehr (CWI - Amsterdam, NL), Michele Mosca (University of Waterloo, CA), Martin Rötteler (NEC Laboratories America, Inc. - Princeton, US), Rainer Steinwandt (Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton, US)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Daniel J. Bernstein , University of Chicago

Anne Broadbent , University of Waterloo
 Quantum Computing on Encrypted Data
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Harry Buhrman , CWI - Amsterdam

Andrew Childs , University of Waterloo
 Constructing elliptic curve isogenies in quantum subexponential time
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Matthias Christandl , ETH Zürich
 A quasipolynomial-time algorithm for the quantum separability problem
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Roger Colbeck , Perimeter Institute - Waterloo
 Private Randomness Expansion
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Serge Fehr , CWI - Amsterdam

Dmitry Gavinsky , NEC Laboratories America, Inc. - Princeton
 Quantum Money with Classical Verification
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Sean Hallgren , Penn State University

Aram W. Harrow , University of Washington

Avinathan Hassidim , MIT - Cambridge
 Quantum money from knots
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Peter Hoyer , University of Calgary
 Schemes for establishing keys with quantum eavesdroppers
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Tsuyoshi Ito , University of Waterloo
 Quantum Fingerprints that Keep Secrets
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Stacey Jeffery , University of Waterloo

Stephen P. Jordan , NIST - Gaithersburg

Robert Koenig , IBM TJ Watson Research Center
 Simplified instantaneous non-local quantum computation with applications to position-based cryptography
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Tanja Lange , TU Eindhoven

Frederic Magniez , University Paris-Diderot

Loïck Magnin , University Paris-Diderot

Dmitri Maslov , NSF - Arlington
 Techniques for Quantum Circuit Optimization
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Alexander May , Ruhr-Universität Bochum
 Decoding Random Linear Codes in O(2^0.054n)
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Cris Moore , University of New Mexico - Albuquerque
 The McEliece cryptosystem resists quantum Fourier sampling attacks
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Kirill Morozov , Kyushu University
 Proof of Plaintext Knowledge for Code-Based Cryptosystems
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Michele Mosca , University of Waterloo

Daniel Nagaj , Slovak Academy of Sciences - Bratislava
 What can you hide in qutrit chains?
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Maris Ozols , University of Waterloo
 Quantum algorithms for the hidden shift problem of Boolean functions
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Anupam Prakash , University of California - Berkeley

Ben Reichardt , University of Waterloo

Martin Roetteler , NEC Laboratories America, Inc. - Princeton

Jeremie Roland , Université Libre de Bruxelles
 Quantum adversary lower bounds by polynomials
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Alexander Russell , University of Connecticut - Storrs

Leonard J. Schulman , CalTech - Pasadena

Igor A. Semaev , University of Bergen
 Improvements on Circuit Lattices
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Igor Shparlinski , Macquarie University - Sydney
 Hidden Shifted Power Problem
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Rolando Somma , Los Alamos National Lab.

Florian Speelman , CWI - Amsterdam
 The garden-hose game and applications to position-based cryptography
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Rainer Steinwandt , Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton

Barbara Terhal , RWTH Aachen

Thomas Vidick , University of California - Berkeley

Arne Winterhof , RICAM - Linz

Wim van Dam , University of California - Santa Barbara


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