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Seminar 12051
Analysis of Executables: Benefits and Challenges

Andy M. King (University of Kent, GB), Alan Mycroft (University of Cambridge, GB), Thomas W. Reps (University of Wisconsin - Madison, US), Axel Simon (TU München, DE)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Gogul Balakrishnan , NEC Laboratories America, Inc. - Princeton
 A tale of two tools: BEST & GIRA
Abstracts: txttxt


Sebastien Bardin , CEA - Gif sur Yvette
 Refinement-based CFG reconstruction from unstructured programs
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Edward Barrett , University of Kent

Sebastian Biallas , RWTH Aachen
 Model Checking PLC Programs
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Joerg Brauer , RWTH Aachen
 On Backward Analysis in Binary Code using SAT/SMT
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Doina Bucur , INCAS3

Mihai Christodorescu , IBM TJ Watson Research Center - Hawthorne

Bjorn De Sutter , Ghent University
 Evaluating Binary Code Diversification
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Thomas Dullien , Google Switzerland - Zürich
 Comparison, Navigation, Classification
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Emmanuel Fleury , Université Bordeaux
 Insight Framework: Yet Another Executable Binary Analysis Framework...
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Andrea Flexeder , TWT GmbH
 Fast Linear Two Variable Equalities
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Roberto Giacobazzi , Università degli Studi di Verona
 Metamorphic (x)Code Analysis by Abstract Interpretation
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Sean Heelan , Immunity Inc.

Paul Irofti , FileMedic Ltd.
 Emulator Design, Traps and Pitfalls
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Johannes Kinder , EPFL - Lausanne
 Jakstab & Alternating Control Flow Reconstruction
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Andy M. King , University of Kent
 Transfer Function Synthesis at the Bit-level
Abstracts: txtpdf Slides: pdf


Arun Lakhotia , Univ. of Louisiana - Lafayette
 Context sensitive analysis without calling context
Abstracts: txt Slides: ppt

 In Site Reuse of Functional Components of Binaries
Abstracts: txt Slides: pptx


Jerome Leroux , Université Bordeaux

Junghee Lim , University of Wisconsin - Madison
 TSL: A System for Automatically Creating Analyzers and its Applications
Abstracts: txt Slides: pptx


Alexey Loginov , GrammaTech Inc.- Ithaca
 Scalable Vulnerability Detection in Machine Code
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Florian Martin , AbsInt - Saarbrücken
 Challenges in WCET Analysis
Slides: pdf


David Melski , GrammaTech Inc.- Ithaca
 PEASOUP: Preventing Exploits Against Software Of Uncertain Provenance
Abstracts: txt


Bogdan Mihaila , TU München

Barton P. Miller , University of Wisconsin - Madison
 Binary Code Analysis and Modification with Dyninst
Abstracts: txt


Martin Murfitt , Trustwave Ltd., London

Alan Mycroft , University of Cambridge
 Decompilation, type inference and finding code
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Magnus Myreen , University of Cambridge

Michael Petter , TU München

Thomas W. Reps , University of Wisconsin - Madison
 There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Analyzing and Verifying Machine Code
Abstracts: txt Slides: ppt


Xavier Rival , ENS - Paris
 Shape analysis of low level codes
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Edward Robbins , University of Kent

Daniel Roelker , DARPA - Arlington

Andrew Ruef , University of Maryland - College Park

Alexander Sepp , TU München

Holger Siegel , TU München

Axel Simon , TU München
 Combining several analyses into one OR What is a good intermediate language for the analysis of executables?
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Fausto Spoto , Università degli Studi di Verona
 Constraint-based Static Analysis of Java Bytecode
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Aditya Thakur , University of Wisconsin - Madison
 A Method for Symbolic Computation of Abstract Operations
Abstracts: txt Slides: pptx


Christopher Vick , Qualcomm Corp.R&D, Santa Clara

Aymeric Vincent , Université Bordeaux

Andrew Walenstein , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
 Adversarial Program Analysis and Malware Genomics
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Florian Zuleger , TU Wien


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