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Seminar 12111
Normative Multi-Agent Systems

Giulia Andrighetto (ISTC - CNR - Rome, IT), Guido Governatori (NICTA - St. Lucia, AU), Pablo Noriega (IIIA - CSIC - Barcelona, ES), Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg, LU)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Natasha Alechina , University of Nottingham

Giulia Andrighetto , European University Institute

Tina Balke , University of Surrey

Jan M. Broersen , Utrecht University

Cristiano Castelfranchi , ISTC-CNR - Rome

Amit K. Chopra , University of Trento - Povo

Rob Christiaanse , TU Delft

Silvano Colombo-Tosatto , University of Luxembourg

Stephen Cranefield , University of Otago

Natalia Criado , Polytechnic University of Valencia

Mehdi Dastani , Utrecht University

Marina De Vos , University of Bath

Gennaro Di Tosto , Utrecht University

Frank Dignum , Utrecht University

Yehia Elrakaiby , University of Luxembourg

Nicoletta Fornara , University of Lugano

Dov M. Gabbay , King's College - London

Aditya K. Ghose , University of Wollongong

Guido Governatori , NICTA - St. Lucia

Joris Hulstijn , TU Delft

Max Knobbout , Utrecht University

Brian Logan , University of Nottingham

Henrique Lopes-Cardoso , University of Porto

Maite Lopez-Sanchez , University of Barcelona

Emiliano Lorini , Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse

Eunate Mayor Villalba , GET - Toulouse

John McBreen , Wageningen University

Pablo Noriega , IIIA - CSIC - Barcelona

Mario Paolucci , ISTC-CNR - Rome

Xavier Parent , University of Luxembourg

Simon Parsons , Brooklyn College

David Pearce , Univ. Politec. de Madrid

Antonino Rotolo , University of Bologna

Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu , University of Otago

Fernando Schapachnik , University of Buenos Aires

Francois Schwarzentruber , CNRS, ENS - Cachan

Munindar Singh , North Carolina State University

Paolo Turrini , University of Luxembourg

Wamberto Vasconcelos , University of Aberdeen

Harko Verhagen , Stockholm University
 Putting the agent back together again - needs for integrating social and behavioural sciences for agent-based social simulation
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Serena Villata , INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée

Celia da Costa Pereira , Université de Nice

Leon van der Torre , University of Luxembourg


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