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Seminar 12171
Semantic Data Management

Grigoris Antoniou (FORTH - Heraklion, GR), Oscar Corcho (Univ. Politec. de Madrid, ES), Karl Aberer (EPFL - Lausanne, CH), Elena Simperl (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE), Rudi Studer (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Karl Aberer , EPFL - Lausanne

Grigoris Antoniou , University of Huddersfield

Marcelo Arenas , Universidad Catolica de Chile
 Paths in semantic search: A back and forth story
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Wolf-Tilo Balke , TU Braunschweig
 Efficient Crowdsourcing for Metadata Generation
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


James Cheney , University of Edinburgh
 Database Wiki and Dynamic Provenance for SPARQL Updates
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Oscar Corcho , Univ. Politec. de Madrid
 Semantic data streams: does it make sense?
Abstracts: txt Slides: pptx


Philippe Cudre-Mauroux , University of Fribourg
 Scalability in semantic data management
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Gianluca Demartini , University of Fribourg
 Getting Semantics from the Crowd
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Orri Erling , Openlink Software

Dieter Fensel , Universität Innsbruck

Norbert Fuhr , Universität Duisburg-Essen

Avigdor Gal , Technion - Haifa
 When Scalability Meets Uncertainty
Abstracts: txt Slides: pptx


Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez , ISOCO - Madrid
 Scientific Data Management - From the Lab to the Web
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Alasdair J G Gray , University of Manchester
 Ecco: An Ontology Diff Tool
Abstracts: txt Slides: ppt


Marko Grobelnik , Jozef Stefan Institute - Ljubljana

Paul Groth , VU - Amsterdam
 Provenance: some helpful concepts
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Andrey Gubichev , TU München

Peter Haase , fluid Operations AG - Walldorf
 Semantics and Big Data challenges: Beyond Volume
Slides: pptx


Stephen Harris , Garlik Ltd. - London

Olaf Hartig , HU Berlin
 An Overview on PROV-AQ: Provenance Access and Query
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf

 Conceiving the Web of Linked Data as a Database
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Manfred Hauswirth , National University of Ireland - Galway
 Linking the Real World
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Jeff Heflin , Lehigh University - Bethlehem

Spyros Kotoulas , IBM Research - Dublin
 Managing the information of a city
Abstracts: txt


Paolo Missier , Newcastle University
 A few examples to illustrate PROV-O, the OWL Ontology mapping of the PROV provenance model
Slides: pdf


Luc Moreau , University of Southampton

Charalampos Nikolaou , National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
 Building Scalable Semantic Geospatial RDF Stores
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Ivana Podnar Zarko , University of Zagreb
 Probabilistic Processing of Sliding Window Top-k Queries
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Edna Ruckhaus , Universidad S. Bolivar - Caracas
 Probabilistic Models and Reasoning for Link Consisrency Checking and Validation
Abstracts: txtpdf Slides: pdf


Satya S. Sahoo , Case Western Reserve University
 Awakening Clinical Data: Semantics for Scalable Medical Research Informatics
Slides: pdf


Manuel Salvadores , Stanford University
 Access Control in SPARQL, The BioPortal Use Case
Abstracts: txt


Ralf Schenkel , MPI für Informatik - Saarbrücken
 Ranking SPARQL Results
Abstracts: txt Slides: ppt


Juan F. Sequeda , University of Texas at Austin
 SPARQL as fast as SQL
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Wolf Siberski , Leibniz Universität Hannover
 Diversifying Search Results on Semantic Data
Abstracts: txt Slides: ppt


Elena Simperl , KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Kavitha Srinivas , IBM TJ Watson Research Center - Hawthorne
 Building Better RDF Benchmarks
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Rudi Studer , KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Kerry Taylor , CSIRO - Canberra

Martin Theobald , MPI für Informatik - Saarbrücken

Bryan Thompson , SYSTAP - Greensboro
 Statement Level Provenance
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Duc Thanh Tran , KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
 Semantic Search Tutorial
Slides: pptx


Maria-Esther Vidal , Universidad S. Bolivar - Caracas
 Adaptive Data Management Techniques for Federations of Endpoints
Abstracts: txtpdfpdf


Valentin Zacharias , FZI Karlsruhe

Frank van Harmelen , VU - Amsterdam


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