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Seminar 12191
Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games

Simon M. Lucas (University of Essex, GB), Michael Mateas (University of California - Santa Cruz, US), Mike Preuss (TU Dortmund, DE), Pieter Spronck (Tilburg University, NL), Julian Togelius (IT University of Copenhagen, DK). Coordinator: Nicola Hochstrate (TU Dortmund, DE)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Elisabeth Andre , Universität Augsburg

Ruth Aylett , Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh

Christian Bauckhage , Fraunhofer IAIS - St. Augustin

Michal Bida , Charles University - Prague

Adi Botea , IBM Research - Dublin

Bruno Bouzy , Paris Descartes Unversité

Paolo Burelli , IT University of Copenhagen

Michael Buro , University of Alberta

Martin V. Butz , Universität Tübingen

Alex J. Champandard , AiGameDev.com KG

Clare Bates Congdon , University of Southern Maine

Peter Cowling , University of Bradford
 Monte Carlo Tree Search for Games with Hidden Information and Uncertainty
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Marc Ebner , Universität Greifswald
 Using Screen Capture Mode and Computer Games to Close the Loop in Artificial Visual Information Processing
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Mirjam P. Eladhari , University of Malta

Richard Evans , Little Text People at Linden Lab
 Introducing Praxis: an Ergonomic Language for Describing Social Practices
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Philip F. Hingston , Edith Cowan University

Graham Kendall , University of Nottingham

Pier Luca Lanzi , Politecnico di Milano

John M. Levine , University of Strathclyde

Daniele Loiacono , Politecnico di Milano

Simon M. Lucas , University of Essex

Michael Mateas , University of California - Santa Cruz

Risto Miikkulainen , University of Texas at Austin

Hector Munoz-Avila , Lehigh University - Bethlehem

Dana S. Nau , University of Maryland - College Park

Ana Paiva , IST - TU of Lisbon

Mike Preuss , TU Dortmund

Guenter Rudolph , TU Dortmund

Tom Schaul , New York University

Moshe Sipper , Ben Gurion University - Beer Sheva
 More or Less? Two Approaches to Evolving Game-Playing Strategies
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Pieter Spronck , Tilburg University

Kenneth O. Stanley , University of Central Florida - Orlando

Tommy Thompson , The University of Derby

Julian Togelius , IT University of Copenhagen

Georgios N. Yannakakis , IT University of Copenhagen

R. Michael Young , North Carolina State University


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