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Seminar 13241
Virtual Realities

Guido Brunnett (TU Chemnitz, DE), Sabine Coquillart (INRIA Rhone-Alpes, St. Ismier, FR), Gregory Welch (The University of Central Florida - Orlando, US), Robert van Liere (CWI - Amsterdam, NL)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Carlos Andujar , UPC - Barcelona

Steffi Beckhaus , Eppstein

Roland Blach , FhG IAO - Stuttgart

Wolfgang Broll , TU Ilmenau

Pere Brunet , UPC - Barcelona
 A Multi-Projector CAVE with Gesture Recognition
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Guido Brunnett , TU Chemnitz

Sabine Coquillart , INRIA Rhône-Alpes

Carolina Cruz-Neira , University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Ralf Doerner , Hochschule RheinMain - Wiesbaden

Steven K. Feiner , Columbia University

Uwe Freiherr von Lukas , FhG IGD - Rostock
 Lessons learned from introducing VR/AR in the German maritime industry
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 Is there a significant market for industrial Virtual Reality today or tomorrow?
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Bernd Froehlich , Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Henry Fuchs , University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Martin Goebel , Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Raphael Grasset , TU Graz

Jens Herder , FH Düsseldorf

Tobias Hoellerer , University of California - Santa Barbara

Charles E. Hughes , University of Central Florida - Orlando

Masahiko Inami , Kaio University

Victoria Interrante , University of Minnesota - Minneapolis

Bernhard Jung , TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Panagiotis D. Kaklis , National Technical University of Athens
 VELOS - A VR environment for ship applications: current status and planned extensions
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 VELOS - A VR environment for ship applications: current status and planned extensions
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Marcelo Kallmann , University of California - Merced

Yoshifumi Kitamura , Tohoku University
 Interactive Content for Well-being
Slides: pdf


Kiyoshi Kiyokawa , Osaka University

Gudrun Klinker , TU München
 Differences between VR and AR
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Ernst Kruijff , Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Torsten Kuhlen , RWTH Aachen

Marc Erich Latoschik , Universität Würzburg

Anatole Lecuyer , INRIA Bretagne Atlantique - Rennes

Robert W. Lindeman , Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Paul Milgram , University of Toronto

Mark Mine , Walt Disney Imagineering

Betty Mohler , MPI für biologische Kybernetik - Tübingen

Tabitha C. Peck , Duke University

Jerome Perret , Haption - Aachen
 White Paper on Haptics
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 Short introduction (Fast-Forward)
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John Quarles , The University of Texas - San Antonio
 VR for Disabled Persons: Current Research and Future Challenges
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Christian Sandor , University of South Australia - Mawson Lakes

Dieter Schmalstieg , TU Graz

Andreas Simon , FH Nordwestschweiz

Oliver Staadt , Universität Rostock

Anthony Steed , University College London

Jeanine Stefanucci , University of Utah

Frank Steinicke , Universität Würzburg
 3D User Interfaces - Summary of Group Discussion
Slides: pdf


Susumu Tachi , Kaio University

Gregory F. Welch , University of Central Florida - Orlando

Gabriel Zachmann , Universität Bremen

Robert van Liere , CWI - Amsterdam


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