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Seminar 13361
Crowdsourcing: From Theory to Practice and Long-Term Perspectives

Tobias Hoßfeld (Universität Würzburg, DE), Phuoc Tran-Gia (Universität Würzburg, DE), Maja Vukovic (IBM TJ Watson Research Center - Hawthorne, US)

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Seminar Wide Materials
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 Notes Presentation Session 3
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 Focus Group 1 on Long-Term Perspectives etc.
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Abraham Bernstein , Universität Zürich
 Programming the Global Brain with CrowdLang and CrowdOS -- challenges and ideas
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Kathrin Borchert , Universität Würzburg
 Recommendation Systems in Crowdsourcing Platforms
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Alessandro Bozzon , TU Delft
 Crowdsourcing Engineering
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Cristina Cabanillas , Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
 Human Resource Management: From Workflows to Crowdsourcing
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Joseph Davis , The University of Sydney
 Crowdsourcing and human computation: Conceptual Foundations, Emerging Directions
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Gianluca Demartini , University of Fribourg
 Next-Generation Micro-task Crowdsourcing Platforms
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Klaus Diepold , TU München
 Data Analysis Tools for Crowdsourced Video Quality Tests
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Matthias Hirth , Universität Würzburg
 Crowdsoucing Mechanisms and Applications
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Tobias Hossfeld , Universität Würzburg
 Introduction to seminar
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Andreas Hotho , Universität Würzburg

Deniz Iren , Middle East Technical University - Ankara
 Crowdsourcing Management and Cost of Quality
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Christian Keimel , TU München
 Crowdsourcing of multimedia QoE subjective experiments
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Shinichi Konomi , University of Tokyo
 Supporting exploration and rapid development by citizens to collect the right information through crowd sensing
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Vassilis Kostakos , University of Oulu
 Social media, public displays, crowdsourcing
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Markus Krause , Universität Hannover
 Designing Systems with Homo Ludens in the Loop
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Martha A. Larson , TU Delft
 Crowdsourcing for Turbotagging: Describing and interpreting multimedia on the Internet
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Babak Naderi , TU Berlin
 Workers Motivation and Quality Assessment


Nhatvi Nguyen , Weblabcenter, Inc. - Texas
 Crowdsourcing platforms from an operators point of view


Munindar P. Singh , North Carolina State University

Phuoc Tran-Gia , Universität Würzburg
 Current research challenges in crowdsourcing


Maja Vukovic , IBM TJ Watson Research Center - Yorktown Heights
 Enterprise Crowdsourcing in IT Service Delivery
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Florian Zeiger , AGT International - Darmstadt
 Crowdsourcing and Crowdsensing Application Scenario
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