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Seminar 13382
Collaboration and learning through live coding

Alan Blackwell (University of Cambridge, GB), Alex McLean (University of Leeds, GB), James Noble (Victoria University - Wellington, NZ), Julian Rohrhuber (Robert Schumann Hochschule für Musik, DE)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Sam Aaron , University of Cambridge

Robert Biddle , Carleton University - Ottawa

Alan Blackwell , University of Cambridge

Andrew R. Brown , Griffith University - Brisbane

Luke Church , University of Cambridge

Geoff Cox , Aarhus University

Thomas Green , University of York

Dave Griffiths , FoAM - Kernow

Mark Guzdial , Georgia Institute of Technology

Ellen Harlizius-Klueck , University of Copenhagen

Shelly Knotts , Birmingham

Adrian Kuhn , University of British Columbia - Vancouver

Thor Magnusson , University of Brighton

Alex McLean , University of Leeds

David Ogborn , McMaster University - Hamilton

Jochen Arne Otto , ZKM - Karlsruhe

Roly Perera , University of Edinburgh

Julian Rohrhuber , Robert Schumann Hochschule für Musik

Juan Gabriel Alzate Romero , Hochschule für Musik - Karlsruhe

Uwe Seifert , Universität Köln

Andrew Sorensen , Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane

Renate Wieser , Universität Paderborn

Alberto de Campo , Universität der Künste - Berlin

Jan Kees van Kampen , Robert Schumann Hochschule für Musik


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