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Seminar 14211
The Future of Refactoring

Danny Dig (Oregon State University - Corvallis, US), William G. Griswold (University of California - San Diego, US), Emerson Murphy-Hill (North Carolina State University, US), Max Schaefer (Semmle Ltd. - Oxford, GB)

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Seminar Wide Materials
 Discussion on 22 May
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 Discussion group on refactoring meta-tools
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Don Batory , University of Texas - Austin
 A Lite-Weight Refactoring Engine
Slides: pdf


Ira D. Baxter , Semantic Designs - Austin
 Refactoring: Issues and Tooling
Slides: pdf


Andrew P. Black , Portland State University
 IDEs are Ecosystems
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf

 Teaching Refactoring
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Robert Bowdidge , Google Inc. - Mountain View

John Brant , The Refactory Inc. - Urbana

Caius Brindescu , Oregon State University

Marcio Cornelio , Federal University of Pernambuco - Recife

Stephan Diehl , Universität Trier

Danny Dig , Oregon State University

Ran Ettinger , Ben Gurion University - Beer Sheva

Alejandra Garrido , University of La Plata

Rohit Gheyi , Universidade Federal - Campina Grande
 Automated Testing of Refactoring Engines (Lightning talk)
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William G. Griswold , University of California - San Diego

Shinpei Hayashi , Tokyo Institute of Technology

Felienne Hermans , TU Delft

Jongwook Kim , University of Texas - Austin

Huiqing Li , University of Kent
 Wrangler -- writing refactorings made easy
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Francesco Logozzo , Microsoft Corporation - Redmond

Kim Mens , University of Louvain
 Preparations for Dagstuhl Seminar on Refactoring
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Tom Mens , University of Mons
 Domain-specific model refactoring - a case study with executable gestural interaction models
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf

 Challenges in software refactoring
Slides: pdf


Naouel Moha , University of Quebec - Montreal

Emerson Murphy-Hill , North Carolina State University - Raleigh

Oscar M. Nierstrasz , Universität Bern

Bill Opdyke , JP Morgan Chase - Chicago

Chris Parnin , Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta

Javier Perez , University of Antwerp

Veselin Raychev , ETH Zürich

Don Roberts , University of Evansville

Max Schaefer , Semmle Ltd. - Oxford

Gustavo Soares , Universidade Federal - Campina Grande
 Automated Testing of Refactoring Engines (Tutorial)
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Peter Sommerlad , Hochschule für Technik - Rapperswil
 The history of C++ Refactoring (for Eclipse CDT)
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf

 A brief history of Eclipse-based Refactorings by HSR (Lightning talk)
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Friedrich Steimann , Fernuniversität in Hagen
 Refactorings without Names
Slides: ppt


Kathryn T. Stolee , Iowa State University - Ames

Volker Stolz , University of Oslo
 Extract + Move = Bug
Slides: pdf

Abstracts: txt


Simon J. Thompson , University of Kent
 "Why should I trust your refactoring tool?"
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Eli Tilevich , Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Blacksburg

Frank Tip , University of Waterloo

Mohsen Vakilian , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jurgen Vinju , CWI - Amsterdam

Louis Wasserman , Google Inc. - Mountain View

Jan Wloka , IBM Research GmbH - Zürich


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