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Seminar 14332
Formal Methods for Coordinating Multi-Agent Systems

Thomas Agotnes (University of Bergen, NO), Nils Bulling (TU Clausthal, DE), Sascha Ossowski (University Rey Juan Carlos, ES)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Thomas Agotnes , University of Bergen

Markus Brill , Duke University - Durham
 Strategic Voting and Strategic Candidacy
Abstracts: txt

 Computational Social Choice
Slides: pdf


Jan M. Broersen , Utrecht University
 Disambiguating several interpretation problems of ATL-extensions
Abstracts: txt


Nils Bulling , TU Clausthal
 Agents with Perfect and Truly Perfect Recall
Abstracts: txt


Natalia Criado , John Moores University - Liverpool
 Normative Agents
Abstracts: txt


Mehdi Dastani , Utrecht University
 Norm-based Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems
Abstracts: txt


Louise A. Dennis , University of Liverpool
 Verifying Agents that Plan
Abstracts: txt


Catalin Dima , University Paris-Est - Créteil
 Automata techniques for temporal epistemic logics
Abstracts: txt


Valentin Goranko , Technical University of Denmark - Lyngby

Maaike Harbers , TU Delft
 Sharing information in teams: what, when and with whom?
Abstracts: txt


Andreas Herzig , Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse

Max Knobbout , Utrecht University

Ho-Pun Lam , NICTA - Brisbane

Beishui Liao , Zhejiang University
 Formal Argumentation And Its Roles in Multi-Agent Systems
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Brian Logan , University of Nottingham
 Fair allocation of group tasks according to social norms
Abstracts: txt


Marin Lujak , University Rey Juan Carlos
 Towards future road networks: considering traffic system’s fairness trap
Abstracts: txt


Nir Oren , University of Aberdeen
 Practical Reasoning, Norms and Argument
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Julian Padget , University of Bath
 An action language approach to normative specification, analysis and revision
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf

 Capturing normative models in the real world (discussion topic NOT talk)
Abstracts: txt

 Understanding the impact of normative models (discussion topic NOT talk)
Abstracts: txt


Truls Pedersen , University of Bergen

Joshua Sack , University of Amsterdam
 Modal Logic for Mixed Strategies in Games
Abstracts: txt


Marija Slavkovik , University of Bergen
 Abstract Formal Basis for Digital Crowds
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf Paper: pdf

 Judgment Aggregation - an overview
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Bas J. G. Testerink , Utrecht University

Nicolas Troquard , National Research Council - Povo (Trento)
 Resource-sensitive interactions
Abstracts: txt


Paolo Turrini , Imperial College London
 Pre-vote negotiations and voting games
Abstracts: txt


Birna Van Riemsdijk , TU Delft
 Computational Reasoning for Socially Adaptive Electronic Partners
Abstracts: txt


Marc Van Zee , University of Luxembourg
 Collective Intention Revision from a Database Perspective
Abstracts: txt


Laurent Vercouter , INSA - St- Etienne-du-Rouvray
 Adaptation of social control and trust mechanisms
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