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Seminar 14381
Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning

Artur Garcez (City University - London, GB), Marco Gori (University of Siena, IT), Pascal Hitzler (Wright State University - Dayton, US), Luis Lamb (UFRGS - Porto Alegre, BR)

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Seminar Wide Materials

Tsvi Achler , IBM Almaden Center
 Symbolic Neural Networks for Cognitive Capacities
Abstracts: txt


Jim Benvenuto , HRL Labs - Malibu

Tarek R. Besold , Universität Osnabrück

Srikanth Cherla , City University - London

James Christopher Davidson , Google Inc. - Mountain View

Luc De Raedt , KU Leuven
 Progress in Probabilistic Logic Programming
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Natalia Diaz Rodriguez , Turku Centre for Computer Science
 Semantic and Fuzzy Modelling and Recognition of Human Activities in Smart Spaces. A case study on Ambient Assisted Living
Abstracts: txt Paper: pdf

 Human activity modelling and recognition with fuzzy ontologies
Abstracts: txt Other: pdf


Dominik Endres , Universität Marburg
 Making the latent category stucture of fMRI data explicit with Formal Concept Analysis
Abstracts: txt


Jacqueline Fairley , Emory University - Atlanta
Abstracts: txt


Jerry A. Feldman , ICSI - Berkeley

Peter Foeldiak , University of St Andrews
 Semantic structure in explicit neural codes
Abstracts: txt Paper: pdf


Manoel Franca , City University - London
 Fast Relational Learning using Neural Nets
Abstracts: txtpdf


Christophe D. M. Gueret , DANS - Den Hague
 Evolutionary and Swarm computing for the Semantic Web
Paper: pdf


Biao Han , NUDT - Hunan

Pascal Hitzler , Wright State University - Dayton
 Combining Learning and Reasoning for Big Data
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Steffen Hoelldobler , TU Dresden
 From Human Reasoning Episodes to Connectionist Models
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Thomas Icard , Stanford University

Randal A. Koene , Carboncopies - San Francisco

Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger , Universität Osnabrück

Luis Lamb , Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Francesca Alessandra Lisi , University of Bari
 On Concept Learning as Constructive Reasoning
Abstracts: txt


Dragos Margineantu , Boeing Research & Technology - Seattle
 Interactive Intelligent Systems: Scaling Learning with the Expert in the Loop
Abstracts: txt


Vivien Mast , Universität Bremen
 Concepts, Goals and Communication
Abstracts: txt


Risto Miikkulainen , University of Texas - Austin
 Grounding Meaning in Perceptual Representations
Abstracts: txt


Andrey Mokhov , Newcastle University
 Mining Graphs from Event Logs
Abstracts: txt


Bernd Neumann , Universität Hamburg
 Learning Compositional Robot Activities from Examples
Abstracts: txt


Guenther Palm , Universität Ulm
 Combining subsymbolic and symbolic methods: why and how?
Slides: pdf Paper: pdf


Alan Perotti , University of Turin
 Neural-Symbolic Runtime Verification
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Gadi Pinkas , Ganey Tikva
 Symbolic Computation, Binding and Constraint Learning in Bolzmann Machines
Abstracts: txt Other: docx


Subramanian Ramamoorthy , University of Edinburgh
 Learning Action-oriented Symbols: Abstractions over Decision Processes
Abstracts: txt

 Paper 1: Clustering Markov Decision Processes for continual transfer

 Paper 2: Multiscale Topological Trajectory Classification with Persistent Homology


Luciano Serafini , Bruno Kessler Foundation - Trento

Daniel L. Silver , Acadia University - Wolfville
 Lifelong Machine Learning and Reasoning
Abstracts: txt Slides: pptx Paper: pptx Other: pptx


Son Tran , City University - London
 Representation Reuse for Transfer Learning
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Joshua Welch , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 Learning the Symbols of Life: Motivating Problems from Computational Genomics
Abstracts: txt


Mark Wernsdorfer , Universität Bamberg

Thomas Wischgoll , Wright State University - Dayton

Claudia dAmato , University of Bari
 On extracting Rules for: enriching ontological knowledge bases, complementing heterogeneous sources of information, empowering the reasoning process
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf Paper: pdf Other: pdfpdfpdf


Artur dAvila Garcez , City University - London
 Neural-Symbolic Computing, Deep Logic Networks and Applications
Abstracts: txt Slides: pdf


Leo de Penning , TNO Behaviour and Societal Sciences - Soesterberg
 Dreaming and Consciousness in Deep Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agents
Abstracts: txt Paper: pdf



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